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Day Four

Well, here’s “day four.” It’s not really day four for me, but since I got a late start, I figured I’d make up for lost time and write a few extra poems. These were actually written on April 4, however. The first is another tanka, and the second is a poem I wrote in Occitan, one of the regional languages spoken in Southern France, which I have been learning for a little while. Occitan is also the language of the Troubadours; Dante even considered writing his Divine Comedy in the Provençal dialect of Occitan. In particular, I tried to use the Gascon dialect, since that is the one spoken around Bordeaux and La Réole where I live and work, despite mostly learning Lengadocian. I likely have some grammar and vocabulary mistakes, but I just love the sound of the language and I think it’s important to promote it since it is not such a good situation politically and is actually in danger of completely dying out. I’ve included a translation in English.

farms tickle these lands
far and wide. with arriving:
leaving nacre peaks,
red roofs livid with hist’ry;
what is land without verdure?

la verdura que s’apinhela
dens lo país de sòm
e trabalh manuau,
ei la Gasconha abdurada,
dab las sieunas vilas perdudas per lo mondialejament,
per la França.
qu’ei ua meravilha deu país,
lo paisatge que m’agrada hèra,
que me replena lo còr de jòia
e de plaser. qu’ei ua doçor dolentosa:
començam ua vita navèra tà
dire adiu e bonjorn.

Hello, Goodbye
the verdure that grows
in the land of sleep
and manual labor,
this is the tough, hardened Gascony,
with its villages forgotten by globalization,
by France.
it is one of the country’s marvels,
the landscape that I love so much,
that fills my heart with joy
and of pleasure. it is a sad sweetness:
we are starting a new life by
saying hello, goodbye and good day.

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